10 Uses for coconut oil



I love coconut oil! I love cooking with it. I love using it as a hair mask. But, there are so many other uses for it too. Here are 10 fantastic uses for coconut oil.

*Remember to try buy the purest form of coconut oil instead of a highly processed version.

  1. Hair mask
  2. Cooking oil (Delicious for making roast potatoes)
  3. Body lotion (I never found this too great and I find my skin still itches terribly too).
  4. Eye makeup remover
  5. Soothes stings and bug bites
  6. Add it to your dogs water to freshen up their breath
  7. Apply it generously to your body in order to prevent stretch marks.
  8. Use it to remove gum from your hair or a carpet
  9. Add some drops of Eucalyptus oil and you have created your own vapour rub
  10. Make your own massage oil

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