So, I decided to give myself a diy at home facial one night

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My skin has been up and down and blotchy and pimply and all over places, I don’t want to be. So, recently I tried a new skin care products range and I had a terrible reaction. I broke out into a rash, my skin was red and puffy and it burnt all over. So, other than a new new skin care range I needed a facial. I needed a medic facial. But, I didn’t have the time in my schedule to book a facial now, so I decided to give myself a diy at home facial one night.

I immediately started on Google. I was looking for something amazing! But there are so many contradicting facial posts out there and some only have steaming, others only masks. I wanted the full monty, so to speak. I learnt a lot.

Let me break it down

You need more than just one thing, and you probably have to do the facial at least once a month. But, this is by far the best facial I have every had. I have not had a salon facial that comes close. Obviously, it wasn’t as relaxing as a salon facial because I had to do all the work. And, it took really long. It took me about 2 hours. But my skin feels amazing.

It’s a 7 step diy at home facial system

  1. Step 1: Cleanse

    Start off your facial by making sure you remove all of your make-up and then really soap up your face and give it a good scrub with a facial sponge and some warm water to make sure it’s super clean. I also always top off my usual cleanse with another quick splash of cool/cold water at the end. When I feel like I have a lot of grime on my face I start by washing my face with coconut oil. Coconut oil helps to prevent your skin from drying out, and it also will help make sure that all your make-up is off. P.S: It’s a fantastic make-up remover. I then follow by using my cleanser.

  2. Step 2: Exfoliate

    This is the first step where you need to mix up some home ingredients. Now, when I did my facial I actually mixed up step 2 and 3 but it was still amazing and worked so well. For this step you make a lemon sugar scrub. the acidity in the lemon lightens any facial hairs and it weakens hair, so over an extended period of use will minimise hair growth.

    diy at home facial - face exfoliator from

    2 table spoon lemon, 2 tablspoons sugar, 1/2 cup warm water. scrub, scrub, scrub. And then leave on for 20 minutes or until completely dry. It’s quite a sticky mixture but tightens up the skin once it’s dry. Rinse it off with warm water and you’re ready for step 3. While you wait, enjoy a glass of wine.

    This is also a great treatment for hands and arms to reduce dark marks on hands, smooth out your skin and lighten/reduce arm hair.

  3. Step 3: Steam

    Here comes the relaxing part. Boil water and pour into a large bowl. Add some essential oils. And, then sit with your head over the bowl and a towel draped over your head and steam away. I added Eucalyptus, which helps with congestion and breakouts (both of which I am suffering from at the moment).

    Sit like this for 20 minutes or until your water cools off.

  4. Step 4: Mask yourself

    Now, you get to make a homemade face mask. I was a bit sceptical about this face mask. I honestly thought it would stink because of the egg. But it didn’t. This is an anti-redness face mask and it works so well.

    diy at home facial - face mask from

    1 egg white, 1 tablespoons corn starch (I ran out so I used cake flour. It probably wouldn’t work as well as the corn starch but it still worked pretty damn well for me), 1 table spoon of white sugar. If the mixture is too thin then add more corn starch. My mixture landed up being a little too thin but I splotched it on in any case. This mask takes quite long to dry. I’d say around 20 minutes. And, the thicker it is the longer it will take. But, the thicker it is the easier it will be to peel off. I couldn’t peel most of mine off because it was too thin and so it kept breaking.

    The peeling process was fun and a little painful but it’s almost as if you can see your skin being super soft once you peel it off. And yes, your skin will be red now. It also pulls out tiny little hairs so really leaves your face feeling smooth.

  5. Step 5: Cleanse again

    Now, wash what’s left of the mask off with some warm water and your cleanser and then pat your face dry with a clean towel. Again, if you find the mask tough to get off try using some coconut oil to help (but remember to use your cleanser afterwards again).

  6. Step 6: Moisturise

    Use some toner on a cotton ball to wipe down your face and then reapply your moisturiser.

  7. Step 7: Drink wine

    Need I say more?

The results

This at home facial is my new favourite beauty secret and I feel amazing after doing it just once. My skin is smoother and softer too. And, my redness in my face is way less. The swelling has completely gone down around the horrible pimples I do have and the redness around them has disappeared. They are also not sore anymore.

I can’t tell you enough how much I love my new at-home facial routine and even though it takes forever to do it’s beyond worth it! Next time I will definitely share it as I go on Snapchat and Insta-story.

Now it’s your turn

Please try out this full 7 step facial and let me know what you think. I can’t wait to hear, so make sure to give me a shout out on social media while you’re at it too.


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