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I have decided to share some links and things that I currently heart. I will be sharing these with you every Monday. This way you can procrastinate by checking out some things I love and hopefully they will make your Mondays a little brighter. 

  1. This beautiful braided crown for short hair, but I’m definitely going to be trying this with my long hair. 
  2. How to make sure you look better in photos by using a few simple foundation techniques. 
  3. I was once told by a doctor to dry body brush and how healthy it is for you to do. It really improves circulation and in turn decreases the appearance of cellulite. So here’s how to dry body brush
  4. I love to relax by soaking in a nice hot bath with some candlelight, chilled music, a good book, and a glass on wine. Lately, I don’t get to do this as much as I would like to but these bath bombs are something I definitely want to make for my next soak. They are also the perfect gift for that friend that you know loves her baths too. 

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