Contraction time


So last night I started getting pains. They started as what felt like tummy cramps, lower back pain and my monthlies. They were constant pains, they didn’t come and go.

It’s the second time I have had this pain. The first time was just under a week ago. And they also lasted around 2 hours.

What made this time different though was my tummy hardening up every now and then. My hubby and I took a walk and kept timing the hardening. I kept thinking it must be Braxton hicks contractions. But to be sure we phoned the labour ward at our hospital and they said to come in.

As usual, when we got to the hospital it felt like all my pain had subsided. We met a nurse in the entrance hall who spotted me, hubby, and big belly and she took us straight through to the labour ward to start tests.

Turns out I was in preterm labour (at 35 weeks). So they called my doctor, admitted me for the night and gave me some pain meds.

By 10.30 this morning my Contractions had slowed down and weren’t so close together, but they’re were still there.

Apparently after 34 weeks they try not to suppress contractions so we’ll just have to wait and see what’s cracking. As long as my baby is healthy, I’ll be happy!

Luckily my contractions pretty much stopped all together, so I was released home. What a scare that was, we thought we may get to meet our precious little baby early, but she is snug and safe in my tummy and will hopefully stay that way for a little while longer.


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