On having a 7 month old and an almost 3 year old


I’m not going to lie. Having two kids is no joke. But it can also be so much fun! Hayden is 7 months old this month and in two months Lilah is 3 years old.

I think the older you get and the older your kids get the more you hear yourself saying “my, how time flies” (somewhat like an old lady). I know I say this quite a few times a week already. But it really really does. The busier tyou get he quicker time goes by.

Hayden is getting cuter by the day. In this past month he has become stable when sitting and said his first word, which to my digest is dadda. Just kidding, it’s cute! It also seems like he is saying Taa when he wants something. He also cut his first two teeth.

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Lilah, can’t wait for her birthday. She keeps telling me she wants a “Goodnight Princess” (her favourite book) party and then she says “ag a bunny” party. She also loves wearing dresses, jewelry, Make-up and anything else that makes her pretty.



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