Reflecting on the past 6 months


I think back to six months ago. I think back to the day Lilah was born. And the first night we spent together both exhausted beyond words.

There have been many firsts in the last 6 months. The first time she held her head up, her first smile, first laugh, first time holding her teddy, first time sitting up alone, and first time babbling. I just can’t help getting excited about all the other firsts still to come. Yet, I just want to stop time and stand still for a while. Time goes by too quickly.

SIX whole months. Six months. 6 months. I can’t say it enough. It seems too soon. It seems like all these special moments fly by way too quickly. And in only a week so much can change. She changes so much.

The last six months have been the trickiest, most amazing, rewarding, insane, time of my life. I love my little girl so much.



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