Stolen memories


*disclaimer: I’m angry, sad, and slightly depro

Today my phone was stolen under my nose out of my pram in the Woolworths in Brooklyn mall. What an inconvenience, to say the least. 
What kills me most is the fact that I don’t know if my photos synced. I had a gold iPhone 128gig. It was wonderful because I had tons of space for photos on it. It was terrible because I never had to remove anything and so I never backed it up. 

I can’t even remember if my phone synced via iCloud. Let’s hope it did so that I don’t lose all of my photos. My biggest worry are all my photos from Hayden’s birth. Photos I didn’t put on social media. 

And, my book… I started recording audio notes of my book on my phone and I was planning to later transcribe them. I have now lost all of that. It kills me. 

The inconsiderate robbers get a useless, black listed iPhone. And I’m left feeling slightly melancholy and hugely pessimistic regarding the state of our Country. And yes, it can happen anywhere – but it just happens so much here.

Wow, this post is majorly contradicting to yesterday’s post. I don’t care at the moment. Tomorrow I’ll try to see the good in the world again.

Ok, there is some light in the tunnel. As all my devices are Mac. I can still use iMessage on my laptop and my iPad. Whoop whoop!


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