Timing is everything



I’m so incredibly lucky to be able to spend time with this teddy bear. 

I have had an extremely unproductive morning as far as work is concerned. Instead, I’ve spent the past hour staring and laughing at this happy face all the while thinking about things that are waaaay too deep to be thinking about on a Monday morning. 

Human emotions are a strange thing. How can you feel extreme happiness, love, joy, and sadness for different people and different situations all at once? 

This past week has made me realize how precious time is. I have always believed that time is money, especially in business, but time is so much more than money! Time is the one thing in life that can make the biggest difference in any given life or situation. Timing is everything. 

So take the time and think about how you can spend your time more valuably. Whether it’s putting your phone away in company or dedicating an hour of your time to something you really find important and want to do? Do this for yourself. 

Time is everything so make sure you make time for yourself and your loved ones before time runs out. 


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