Working out an getting fit with iPhone fitness apps


It’s been two and a bit month’s since I had my emergency c-section and gave birth to Hayden. I think it’s high time I start working out again. Operation get my body back starts now! And if ever I find myself feeling demotivated in any way I will always think of this quote:

“No food tastes as good as thin feels”

So, even though I work in a studio I am not permanently working out. My mornings are spent doing admin and my afternoons and evenings are spent teaching. I don’t get to do nearly as much working out as I’d like to. And because of this I have decided I need to make an effort and add some extra exercise into my days. 

I am making it my mission to do at least one 7 minute workout a day (always an easy one to fit in). I have three 7 minute fitness apps on my phone and i’m going to make sure I make good use of them. The three apps I use for my seven minute workouts are; Seven, 7 MWC, and Fit in 7 min.

Along with the 7 minute workouts I will also be doing a little yoga. I also have an app for this. I use All-in-Yoga. Another app that I love, which is an over-all fitness app is Fit Woman. I’m also going to follow a daily Pilates workout calendar with April being the month for arms.

On top of this, I’m going back to work, which means being on my feet a lot and taking part in some dance and Pilates classes at the studio too.     


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