Delicious Citrus & Mint Detox Water


I love water! But not everyone feels the same way as I do and for a long time I wasn’t the biggest fan of water either.

What helped me fall in love with water, other than the huge health benefits, were the options available to us. You can do so much with water!

So I’d like to share one of my favourite detox water recipe’s with you.

1 x orange
1 x lemon
5 x mint leaves

Slice the entire orange and lemon up and pull the stalks off the mint leaves. Place them into a big water bottle, add lots of ice, and fill to the brim with ice cold water. For a stronger taste infuse your water overnight in the fridge.

This is a perfect water recipe for when you’re out and about because you can refill your bottle multiple times throughout the day. Just make sure you empty out all of the fruit and the herbs at the end of the day and fill with fresh fruit for tomorrow!




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