My favourite flavoured water recipes


flavoured water recipes megg.meI have written before about how to drink more water every day. And one of the tips was to flavour your water. I have a few favourite recipes when it comes to flavouring my own water. I have recently also started looking for some new ways to keep my water tasting great and fresh. I still seem to gravitate back to two favourite recipes I have.

How much fruit and herbs you use in the recipes depends largely on how much water you’re drinking. It’s always a great idea to make a big jug (1-2 litres) and finish it in the day. But, often, you’re not in one place and can’t carry a huge jug of water around with you. For cases like this I suggest using an infuser water bottle and refilling it with cold water as you go. Just make sure to empty it out at the end of the day and make a fresh one in the morning. The more you refill the less nutrients your fruit will hold.

My two favourite flavoured water recipes are;

  1. Citrus Zing

    This is a fantastic, fresh and super healthy flavoured water and it’s also a great water to drink to boost your metabolism and while doing a detox.Thinly sliced orange
    Some slices of cucumber
    Lemon slices
    A few broken up mint leaves
    Lots of ice

  2. Strawberry Mango Soother

    This water (well actually tea) can be drunk both hot or cold. It’s really yummy and it gives me amazing energy.Herbalife herbal beverage (hot or cold)
    A cap full of Herbalife mango flavoured aloe concentrate
    Freshly cut strawberries
    Raw honey


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