Recipe email making the rounds


I received this in a mail and think it’s pretty awesome and can be great fun!

This is quite a fun experiment to take part in. This is a great constructive, and tasteful experiment to take part in as a community. I invite you to take part in this recipe swapping scheme. I hope that you will be as excited to take part in this as I am.

This is how it works:

  1. Send the recipe to the person in position #1 {as this is not a mail, send it to or put your recipe down in the comments}. It has to be a pretty straight forward recipe that anyone can make. One of your own creations is also always welcome. Something you don’t need to refer to a recipe book for. Something that pops up into your head and is quick and easy.
  2. After you have sent your recipe {only to person #1}, Copy and paste this into a new e-mail/blog post.
  3. Write MY name as #1 and YOUR name as #2 {only my name and your name should be seen in the email}
  4. BCC the mail to 20 of your awesome friends, that you know/think will join in {even if you don’t often speak to them}.

It’s great fun to get new recipe’s from all walks of life and we might learn a few new secrets too 😉 And honestly it’s quick and easy to do.

Happy cooking.


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