Thokozisa Restaurant in the Central Drakensberg, KZN


We have been spending our long weekend in the Drakensberg. As we’re staying in a self-catering unit we brought most of our own food along for the weekend but decided to go out for dinner as it’s Father’s Day.

Originally we wanted to go to the restaurant at the resort but they only had a buffet for dinner and we really didn’t feel like buffet food. So we ventured out looking for another place to eat. Reception suggested we try Thokozisa Restaurant, so we did.

On entering it seemed quite cosy and rather eclectic looking. The manager/owner was friendly and we were seated at the fireplace.

We waited quite a while for the waitress to take our order, so when she did arrive we were ready with drinks and food orders. We waited about 15 minutes for our drinks but the food arrived almost immediately after. And was it delish? It was super yummy! Matt had a Hawaiian Pizza (his go-to-meal), I ordered a Mozambique Chicken curry off the Specials menu and we got Lilah a simple fish fingers and chips.

Overall it was an O.K experience. We were stuffed afterwards and enjoyed ourselves.

A quick breakdown of:

The good

  • The restaurant was cosy and warm.
  • Mine and Matt’s food was really good.
  • Owners were rather friendly.
  • It’s a quirky restaurant.

The bad

  • Lilah’s food was deep fried and super oily.
  • The bar/smoking area was open and part of the restaurant (I thought that wasn’t allowed anymore, maybe I’m wrong? But as a non-smoker with a toddler, this was pretty irritating).
  • There was no background music, so only chatter and noise filled the restaurant.
  • Slow service.
  • Lilah was given a chipped glass to drink out of.

So overall, the bad’s out number the good’s. Strangely enough though we left relaxed and happy, just as we arrived. It was still great spending the evening together and as always, Lilah kept us well entertained.








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