A new adventure – learning a European language

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This year I decided to set life goals instead of new years resolutions. I have already revisited my goals once this year, over here.Today I started on goal number 8 on my list, learn a new skill. I have always wanted to live in a non-English speaking European country and one step towards that is to learn a European language. For many years I didn’t know which country I would like to live in and a few years ago I set my heart on France.

Clearly, I have romanticised the country and I know that I look through rose tinted glasses when dreaming of living in the country, but non-the-less this is something I really want to do. And I will. Romantic notions or not, I’ll get my rude awakening when I’m there and living my dream. Naive much? At least I’m honest with myself.

Anyway, today I came one step closer to this dream by attending my first French class. And, I loved it! I will be going to Spain and France next year for a dance tour and my goal is to be able to get by conversationally in France.

Today I learnt to greet, introduce myself, tell someone where I’m from and what I do. Whoop, whoop. It’s a start!

It’s not going to be easy to always find the time in my busy schedule to practice but I have promised myself that I will practice as much as I can. I will start by always practicing in the car after leaving (to really let what I just learnt set in) and then throughout the week. I’m also looking at purchasing my first French dictionary and a few books and movies to start reading and watching. I also have the app Duolingo on my phone and whenever I have a few free minutes I’ll be using it.

Wish me luck on this new journey. It’s fun, exciting, and slightly nerve wrecking.


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