French for Noobs – submersion 

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I’m so excited! Tomorrow, after a bit of a break, I start my French classes again. I can’t wait.

Honestly though, I promised myself that in these 3 weeks that I didn’t have class that I would do self study and revision. That didn’t happen. Three weeks fly by so quickly.

So, today I’m brushing up on my French in anticipation of tomorrow. I’m doing duolingo lessons and saying our the numbers on number plates as they drive by. I’m trying to get back into all my old habits. It’s amazing how quickly you can fall out of habits.

I have stuck pink sticky notes all around my desk so that while I work I will see them and get little bits of French in every day.

For today I am surrounding myself in as much French as I can, which includes listening to Edith Piaf, eating Croissants, and drinking Café.

Let’s hope that these efforts make up for not studying at all. I doubt it. But submersion is the best way to learn. So here I go.


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