My search for the perfect planner

How to

I have tried using so many different forms of diaries, journals, and planners to try keep my life in check. From a bullet journal to a passion planner. And nothing seems to have everything I need in a planner.

I love the concept of a Bullet Journal but I find it a lot of work to keep it up to date. Handwriting every day is not ideal and counting pages to make sure I have enough for a month before I can start with a list landed up being too much of a mission.

So, I found the Passion Planner. I took some of the ideas and concepts from the bullet journal and used it in my passion planner. I loved it at first. I love the idea of following your passion and planning out your week, month, and year with your passions in mind and then reviewing the month that has passed before starting a new month. But, I found that the passion planner was very squished to use and it didn’t have nearly enough note taking space to write anything else other than appointments and a few side notes.

I have a lot more that I need to write down on a daily basis. And so I carry my passion planner, a notebook, and my iPad around with me all day. They take up a lot of space. And so, I carry on in my quest to find the perfect planner.

I decided a few month’s ago that I want to work on a planner that suits my needs and release it on my blog for 2016. I still want to do this! But for now, I have realised more along the lines of what i need.

I need to go back to the kind of planner my mom used when I was a little girl. A full organiser or Filofax, but with a twist. I don’t want to use the calendar that comes standard with your average organiser. I want something that has everything I need and I want something pretty.

What do I need?

I need a planner, home binder, blog tracker, budgeting tool, meal planner, cleaning chart, and notepad all rolled into one.

The search

I have searched Pinterest high and low and I have found some amazing printable planners, which I will be trying out and using for the rest of the year. I also found some great planners and accessories on Amazon that I would love. Ons huge problem though. To ship these items to me will cost me 4 x the price of the actual items. I THINK NOT!

The plan

So, I am forced to find a planner/binder here in South Africa. The inserts are no problem to me as I am going to be printing my own but you would think it would be a lot easier to at least find a binder. Not really. Planners don’t seem to be very popular in SA at all. So my search continues. I have already found the actual printable I will be using for now (from various websites, as I couldn’t find all that I needed from one simple place).

Hopefully I will find what I am looking for or at least something that will work for now so that I can use the printable I want to and so that I can make my own for next year.


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