Lets Be Kind by spreading a little bit of kindness #LetsBeKind

lets be kind #letsbekind

Lets be kind by spreading a little bit of kindness. Every year advent calendars are used to countdown to Christmas, how about this year we put the usual chocolate calendars aside (okay, keep the chocolate if you want but add this one too) and add a little kindness into our lives.

How does the Lets Be Kind challenge work?

Kindness can be spread so easily by simply doing one little act every day. Who knows you may be the result of making someone’s day great. Your act of kindness may be the start to a knock on effect, which could change someon’s life. Wouldn’t you want to be a part of that? I know I definitely would.

Every day, up until Christmas, I am sharing an act of kindness to help make this the kindest December yet.

Join me in spreading some kindness throughout the world. Simply focus on one act of kindess a day. Don’t try add more, rather duplicate that one act by doing it over and over to as many people as you can. Obviously this is not needed, but some people like to spread a little more kindness than just one task.

If you skip a day, don’t worry, just carry on where you left off.

I will be sharing these acts on my Instagram account as well as the Facebook event. Come join in the fun!

lets be kind


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