Give the gift of reading


  I love books. I have said so many times. And so, in turn I love libraries, book shops, and even second hand book stores.

Today I went into a second hand book store and walked out with three new books. Three books added to my very busy, and very long reading list.

One of the books I bought said on the back that you should buy the book and give it to anyone of child bearing age to read. And so I did.

I promptly went and gave another one away to read too. And I know I’ll get them back. But that’s not the point. The point is it made me so happy to give those books to others to read. It felt like I was adding joy into someone else’s life.

I love books, and I love sharing books. So much so that I am determined to start a book club. 

I have this romantic notion of a book club and have always wanted to start one. But now, before the year is over I will start a book club and I’m super excited. So, my goal for October is to start a book club!


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