I want to be holding a paperback novel



Literature is a wonderful thing. My heart gets lost in a good book and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Only a true book lover can understand this. Only a true book lover knows what it feels like to want to read slower because you don’t want the book to finish and at the same time want to read faster to find out what’s going to happen. P.S: I still haven’t finished The Girl in the Hornets Nest because of this exact reason. Except, I took it to the extreme. At the time my thinking was that Stieg Larson is dead so there will never ever, ever be another book in the series and so I couldn’t bring myself to finish it for fear that it would all be over. How totally ridiculous is that? It made sense then.

Anyway, as readers who love to read we get captivated and engulfed into the lives of the characters in the books we read. Not every book we read is going to leave us slightly depressed because it’s over but when we come across a book that does, it leaves us with the most fantastic feelings. It leaves us depressed but content. It leaves us feeling that we want more and that there could be more and so we hope for more to come soon. This is why if we loved a book from a particular author and they release another that we immediately buy it. At least I do. We trust their writing, and their storytelling abilitties.

I have spoken many times about the fact that I now listen to audiobooks to get my literature fix because I don’t always have time to sit down and read and by listening to audiobooks I at least get to lose myself in the stories of others while i’m doing household chores, or driving. Multitasking for the win. I also read my books mainly on my iPad or phone on the kindle app purely out of convenience because your book is always with you.

But, I have decided that I want to be holding a paperback book in my hand this weekend. I want to be smelling the scent of a novel, and turning each page by hand. This weekend I am going to put down my earphones and iPad and pick out a paperback novel on my bookshelf, take in the smell of it and get reading. And I can’t wait.

Technology really makes life easier and more convenient but we lose the romanticism of a book through the use of technology. I feel that both have their place in the world of reading and both make our lives better. But for now I want old school. For now I want paper.

Just think about this; what looks better? An Instagram picture of a image of a book cover or the actual book in hand? And now I’d love to hear what you prefer, old school paper, or new school technology?



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