Change – Defined in Wikipedia as the process of becoming different. It’s also one of those words that starts to sound really weird if you say it over and over and over again. Change, Change, Change, Change, Change, Change, Change.

So there have been a lot of changes lately in my life. Some of which I can mention at the moment and some which I can’t.Many people are afraid of change, afraid of the unknown. I agree it can be scray.

At the studio we lost a teacher and gained another. It’s horrible to lose a colleague who is so close. The worst part is that she was not just a colleague but a friend too. People move on in life and I find that change is a good thing. It should be embraced. I am very happy for her and her new job but I will miss her.

Another change…my 20 Something Bloggers page looks different. I changed my appearance. Not a big change, but a change non-the-less.

Not all changes in life are big rite? But most changes in life are good. They open up many doors and opportunities that might not have been there before. What I’m going on about now doesn’t have anything to do with my appearance change on 20sb, but maybe soon I can reveal what I’m truly babbling about. For now though, I will continue to think of change as a good thing – I am open to change.



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    April 17, 2009 at 12:53 am

    I’ve been changing a lot slowly but surely for the past couple of years. I so can relate. I think it’s nice.:) Especially when it has some good impacts.:)

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