CHC Carnival


Today we took part in the Cornwall Hill College Carnival. And what a blast it was. 

I judged the talent competition and thereafter our dancers took part in the dance show. 
The day was an overall success and so much fun. I loved it. 

My favorite part of the day was getting a New Zealand supporter to wear the South African Green and Gold in support of the rugby. 

   Running into a passed student. An amazing girl and a fantastic surprise. 


   Wearing Green and Gold and pulling it off rather well for a NZ supporter. 

    My side plank in a random place for Studio of Motion’s happy chappy challenge this month. 

 Complete happiness 

The beautiful sunset   

 Proudly Green and Gold 

   I have so much love for these lovelies. 

 Yes, this is an All blacks supporter forced to wear Green and Gold and pulling it off rather well too.     


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