Dancers problems


There are certain problems that we face in every day life. Dancers problems, though, are unusual to everyone else. But I tell you, these problems are real. 

  • I point my toes in any sport that involves jumping
  • Trying to keep yourself from dancing down the isles in grocery stores
  • When your teacher says “again” and you know it’s a lie
  • “Now hold it…”
  • Choreographing to every song on the radio
  • Kicking your ankles with your own taps
  • Glitter… Everywhere
  • Bad turning days
  • Cramps from pointing your toes so hard
  • Being blinded by your own ponytail in turns 
  • Naturally standing in turnout
  • Being used to blue marks and always being sore
  • That feeling just before you go on stage
  • …and… Is a number
  • Cracking joints

The struggle is real people! 


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