Dear Dear Diary…


Since I was a little girl I have always tried to keep a diary, and never been successful. After a few months, weeks and sometimes even days I just forget about it or I land up tearing the pages out (if spiral bound) and use the notebook for a more ‘practical’ reason.

Many people may say that diaries are outdated. That nobody keeps diaries anymore. And that blogging is the ‘new’ diary. I kind of agree with all of these statements, but there are certain things that people might not want to know, and there are certain things that I don’t want people to know. Many people say that keeping a diary is very therapeutic, and this may be true.

Why no? Why again? I was reading ‘A year in high heels’ by Camilla Morton and I came across a section on diary keeping that made me decide to give it another try.

Mae West said “Keep a diary and one day it will keep you”. This is such a lovely quote to me. It also makes me think of the notebook and how life sometimes messes things up. Sometimes somethings happen that could cause you to forget and what better way to remember things in your life than through your own words.

Maybe this is just a stupid idea? Maybe I’m just being restless as I have been sick for a week. I know that I might not keep this diary for very long. I know how bad I have been at keeping diaries in the past. But I also know that life is worth giving yourself many chances, so here I go again.

I have decided to blog about keeping this diary. I have a very pretty (non-spiral bound) diary, which might just keep me inspired to write on it’s beautiful pages.

Every now and then there are pages with little sayings, tips, and cute anecdotes about Romance, which I will put up on my blog.

“Feed your lover chocolates between kisses, and whisper sweet nothings”

Movies and books to inspire Diary Writing: Bridget Jones, Adrian Mole

Something I have for you to think about is “Are Diaries so 1990’s?”. “Is blogging the new diary?”. “Would you keep a hand written diary?”. “Do you have a diary?”.


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    August 23, 2009 at 3:11 am

    Yayyy you’re back! I haven’t read you in a while. Anyway, for me blogging is some sort of a diary but I doubt it can really be a diary you know? Especially as you gain more readers. You alter and filter some things, it can never serve the real purpose of a diary. Unless of course, you keep a private blog.

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