Deepest Darkest Africa


So they say candlelight is supposed to be romantic. They also say that candlelight makes things look better than they might normally look.

Tonight i found myself questioning these ideas. Why did I land up questioning them? Well Eskom, that’s why! Need i say more? Load-shedding might be what we need at the moment but when you have to teach dancing in the dark and without the music it really is not fun.

Not only was that irritating but living in South Africa today everyone knows there are issues with crime so being a few girls left late at night in a pitch black school alone, is not fun.

I have to admit though, the candles were a nice touch and I have never seen the studio look so good as it did tonight,lol. As for my dancers, they looked in pretty good shape for just having had a three week long holiday. So there really are some things that are good about candlelight. I have to admit that it ads an extra bit of fun and excitement to the situation as well.


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