Extreme Forgetfulness


My day started off wonderfully with me oversleeping as usual and then falling out of bed just in time to shower and get ready for my first make-up practical. For a few days now i have been preparing. I got green contact lenses, a red wig, green false nails and eyelashes and covered ivy leaves in latex. All to perfect my poison Ivy make-up. As this has been going on for so long, i have been asked by even my optometrist for photo’s so that she too can see the final product. So i cleverly took my camera with me into the practical to take photo’s.

My Red Wig

Preparing the latex covered Ivy leaves

Green contact lens and natural blue eye

I encountered a few difficulties during this practical; Firstly my nose putty didn’t want to soften and mould to my nose. When i finally got it softened it didn’t want to harden as the lights in the change rooms were so hot. Then my make-up started running and melting also because of those stupid lights (and no i can’t move away from them because then you are not able to see how your make-up will look under the stage lights). And lastly when i was finished my make-up and after my lecturer assessed my work of art, i quickly started to remove all my make-up and extra accessories. Halfway through this process i realised that i never took a photo. OOPS! I then recieved a message from Matt reminding me to take a photo. Just a minute too late. So i took one of my red nose as i ripped the prosthetic nose off my face and with most of my make-up already removed. I also then took photo’s of everyone elses faces.

This is what happens when one rips a prosthetic nose which is stuck with mastix off.

My extremely red nose…OUCH!

Because of my complete forgetfulness I now have to do my make-up all over again from scratch so that i have a photo to show everyone. Don’t worry that photo will then soon be posted on my blog too. For the meantime though, here are some of the photo’s of the really awesome faces that were made up today.

Stunning shading in this parrot

Fairy and Witch

Scary Skeleton (looks like something out of “Nightmare before Christmas”

Really good Kabuki make-up (Japanese Theatre)


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