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This is me. This is my blog. Please read the about me section for more information on who I am, What I do and where i am from.

What i have lately found to be interesting about myself is the fact that, even though I am an English Studies student at the University of Pretoria and one would think that i enjoy reading great English classics and famous literature pieces but instead i mainly only ever want to read soppy but funny girly books by authors like Marian Keyes and books with titles like “Pants on Fire” and “Pretty Little Mistakes”. I simply can’t help it. These are the kinds of novels i prefer. I see them as a form of escapism where i can relate to the characters and their feelings.

Of course most of these books end with juicy yet happy endings. Does this mean that I always look on the bright side of life or simply that i can be naive? I would like to think that it is a little bit of both worlds. In my eyes naivety is not always a bad thing. It keeps ones spirit high and ones hopes up. These could be false illusions that i am creating for myself but isn’t it ok if that is what makes me happy? Isn’t it ok if that is what makes my world go around?


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