Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013. Happy New Year!!


This year has been an amazing year filled with Traveling, holidays, and starting our little family. However, I think 2013 can only be better! And I have so much planned already, both personally and for my business. I also have decided to post a sort of bucket list that I want to have completed in 10 years – so by 2022.

Firstly my business. I have been extremely lucky to start a studio and make a success of it. But it’s not enough. My dream for this year is to EXPAND! In many different ways. Not just physically but emotionally and technically as well. And I want to focus on my Pilates this year!

Write. Wrote. Written.
That’s what I want for this year. I want to start writing more. Anything. Just pen on paper.

Read. Read. Read.

Blog. I guess this is always something I want to focus more on. And always something that gets neglected during busy times. My goal this year is to use it more during those times. The busier the times are; the more I have to say, and the more I should blog.

Make many awesome things with Consol/Mason jars. As many creative things as possible. I love glass. I love jars. What’s better than actually utilizing this love and making pretty things.

The first thing I will be doing with a jar is a happiness jar. It’s simple. And it’s beauty is not in how it will look but rather in how it will make me feel. Throughout the year I will write down everything that brought me happiness, pleasure, laughs, and good times and place it into this jar. Next year on New Year’s Eve I will open the jar and read through my year of happiness.


And then lastly before 2022 I want to:
* go back to Russia
* live in a non-English (first language) speaking European country
* write a novel
* open my own Theatre
{I might be adding to this list as the years go by}

Happy New Year to you all. And may 2013 bring lots of happiness and good times.


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