It’s just been one of those weeks


You know those days when nothing goes your way, everything gets taken the wrong way, and anything that could go wrong will go wrong. Well so far this has been one of those weeks.

It’s the week before my dance studio’s annual compulsory art festival, which includes all the dancers in the studio (age 3 to age 50). So obviously everyone’s stress levels are running high and knowing this I always keep calm and try to keep everyone around me motivated and I try to get them excited for the 2 weeks that lie ahead of us. But sometimes it’s difficult to keep my head above water. Especially when you have unhappy parents, and teachers and students picking up last minute injuries.

In times like these I always like to think back to previous shows and competitions and how well they all turned out and how much all the students enjoyed them. Looking back at some of the photo’s, I decided to share them with you too.


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