Learning from your dance FAILS…


Every dancer makes mistakes. Every dancer remembers a scary experience on stage. And every dancer often sees afterwards (on a dvd, photo’s or hears from audience members that the mistake or FAIL wasn’t even noticeable). A split second or count on stage can sometimes feel like an extremely long time and it’s amazing how quickly your mind reacts when in a situation like that. Often, only the choreographer/instructor, fellow dancers, and yourself even realize that a mistake was made.

Obviously some mistakes are seen, and recoveries are made quicker than ever imaginable.

What is important to remember when dancing in an ensemble or group is to remember body language, eye contact, trust, support, and communication with your fellow performers. So much can be said by a simple glance. And often this can prevent dance FAILS or help the recovery.

I was taught that you carry on dancing no matter what happens. My teacher always used to say that if a bomb goes off next to you, you carry on! I believe this and try to teach my dancers this to a certain extent too. Mistakes happen, but that doesn’t matter. What does matter is your recovery, and how you turn the mistake into a success.

The show must always go on!

Failure teaches success
~ Japanese Saying


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    May 24, 2012 at 12:54 pm

    Your teacher must be very proud of you right now… I think she can learn a lot from you these days… 😉

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