So… I Hurt my foot doing Wings. Fun. Well that was no fun. Wings for those of you who don’t know are a step done in tap dancing. They take a while to master and a lot of practice, sweat and tears – like most things.For more information on wings click here.

I still haven’t been to a physio therapist, which is wrong i know. I have been doing exercises to strengthen my ankle again though. It’s really painful! Does anyone have ideas of how I could possibly lessen the pain and strengthen it quickly? I know things like this take time and if it was one of my students I would tell them to be patient, continue with the exercises and just take it slow for a while, but it’s a lot harder to do than it sounds. How many people take their own advice?

I also just started dancing again after my operation so at the moment I am sick of sitting around and really just want to dance, it’s a disease.

YouTube and Expert Village are really being difficult and not letting me check out any videos, so I can’t suggest any to you but feel free to check out these pages and watch some of the videos so that you can see what wings are if you don’t already know.


Expert Village


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