Procrastination…Human Behaviour


Ok Well that is one confusing title, which can be deciphered in many different ways. I’m taking a short break from studying (procrastinating). So I’m going to discuss human behaviour with some interesting examples.

I guess i’m not really procrastinating as this has got to do with what I am studying for my exam tomorrow.

What effects human behaviour? What makes us decide to do one thing when we know we should be doing something else? What drives us to have such strong opinions?

  • We are affected by the context of certain subjects.
  • Choice! Having free will means we will make use of it, even if it’s not always the rite choice.
  • Humans are desire and goal driven. If there is something we want badly enough, it is in our nature to do all we can to get it.
  • Needs! Humans are need centered. If we don’t get what we need our choices and decisions are easily effected. We need Sleep, Food, Water, Air.
  • Rules! Human behaviour is governed and driven by a rule system that is installed from a very young age. These are the rules that make us think twice about our decisions.

What affects human behaviour, in my opinion, the most is vanity, materialism and beauty. Could they be seen as one thing? The world revolves around them.

Have a look at these two videos, which I found rather interesting. The first is a campaigne run by Dove and the second is a response to this campaign.


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