Some spoils from Cotton On


Oh, how I love clothes! And one of my favourite stores lately is Cotton On. They have amazing clothes and are pretty well priced too.

So this Sunday my awesome husband took me shopping (he got a bunch of stuff too). It was a completely unplanned shopping spree on both sides and we walked out with way more than we thought.

As I love stripes so much, I walked out with two stripy tops (all I was initially going to get), two pairs of pumps (leopard print and a dusty pink with a bow – both too cute), a pair of Ugg-like boots (an essential for winter and the long nights I’ll be spending in the cold halls at my studio’s upcoming dance competition), a stunning mint tube/infinity scarf (the salesman at the desk convinced us to get), and smiles all round.

Hubby walked out with two classic long sleeve t’s, two vintage print t’s, a zip up hoody, and a new pair of sneakers (not from cotton on). And they all look amazingly sexy on him.

Quite successful for a day of grocery shopping. We were both super chuffed with ourselves. And Lilah is fascinated by my pretty new shoes (such a Girly girl).



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