Something new, Something different & hating Monday’s


From this week, you may notice something different happening on my blog. That’s right, I’m changing things up a little bit. Yes, I’m allowed to do that!

I will be posting less. Oh, disaster! No, not really! I have decided to post less but post fewer fluff posts too. So less posts, in this case, means posting more posts of value and better thought out posts rather than writing and posting purely because I have to.

On the 17th April this year I decided to write every day and in turn I posted a blog post every day. Trying to hack out a blog post every day meant that a lot of my blog posts became quick puked out bundles of words rather than something that you would like to read.

And last week I realised, “hey, I decided to write every day, not blog every day”. I will still be writing every day but I will be writing towards a goal rather than be writing just to write.

On another note, who else hates Monday’s? I know I do. I never used to, though. I would say I do because everyone hates Monday’s but I honestly didn’t really hate them. But this year has changed my mind about Monday’s. I now hate them.

Why do I hate them? Well, firstly something always goes wrong on a Monday. Bills get delivered on Monday’s and bad news too. Mondays are also always super busy with too little time to get everything done that you need to get done. 

Ugh, Monday’s are just days that feel way too long but are in actual fact way too short. I can never get everything done on a Monday. I honestly think there should be some kind of Monday police in the world that protects people from being too badly affected by Monday’s or affected by bad Monday’s more than twice a month.

I think that there should be a warning on calendars every Sunday (like big arrows or something) to say “brace yourself, Monday is coming”.

Anyway, more writing I will be doing and I’ll tell you more about that soon too.


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