Stupid man needs some chicken soup


Healing Chicken Soup.

We have all heard that when you have flu you should have some chicken soup as it will make you all better. Then came the “Chicken soup for the soul” books (obviously to make your soul all better). Now it’s chicken soup for animals.

The Wuhan Zoo in China has been feeding their pandas chicken soup twice a month to reduce their stress levels and boost their immune systems. Lucky pandas hey? Apparently it works really well and even though the pandas diets normally consist of bamboo and milk they have really been enjoying the chicken (meat) soup. The pandas are fed 1kg of soup in huge bowls.

I really don’t find this weird (maybe a bit as pandas are meant to be vegetarians – not that anything/anyone in China is). My dog Grishko eats rice and chicken stew for dinner every nights, occasionally pasta, if she runs out of rice or cous cous and smoked salmon. Now that’s what I call spoilt.

Stupid man shoots himself after being denied sex.

After a night out the 29 year old man and his girlfriend returned home. He wanted to get intimate and she was tired. He then got a bit agro so she dicided to go sleep in the spare room. He didn’t like this so he threw a tantrum and shot himself, twice, in the arm. Lunatic. He then came into the room threatening her and for some reason. After that he went to the kitchen where he stumbled and hit his head knocking himself out.

The man was arrested for threatening violence and firing a weapon in a residential area. I think he needs some chicken soup. Both the book and the real stuff.

Healing Chicken Soup.

Stupid man shoots himself after being denied sex.


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