The Pros of Not Having DSTV


I’m one of those poor people that doesn’t have DSTV. That’s rite, only SABC and eTV for me.

Despite really bad movies and always getting great tv programs months or even years later than everyone else, I have found some good things about not having DSTV.

  • You have toilet breaks during movies (otherwise known as Ad breaks)
  • If you forget the popcorn (no worries, soon there will be another Ad break)
  • During the Ad break you can catch up on the exercise you didn’t have time for earlier on in the day.
  • How I met Your Mother (Yes we are the first and only to see it, ha ha ha DSTV watchers – even though you get etv too)
  • Lipstick Jungle (even though it’s finished, it was great while it lasted)
  • Sex and The City (after sooooooo many years it was only SABC 3 that showed it and showed the repeats over and over again – I don’t really mind those kind of repeats though).
  • Oprah (yes I watch Oprah, not lately though after they stopped showing it late at night).
  • Terrible movies that I land up (often) having to watch anyway for University.
  • SYTYCD (For those of you that aren’t dance crazy, So You Think You Can Dance). I know the American one is on DSTV, and those that have DSTV think they are so much cooler because they get to watch the American one (they also think they are way too cool to watch the South African one) but hello LOCAL IS LEKKER!!!
  • Strictly Come Dancing ( I love watching famous-ish people make asses of themselves, some of them are really good though).

For all of you who don’t have DSTV either, you are not alone. Tell me what you love about SABC or eTV (if you have DSTV and love something on these channels you can still tell me-really)


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