Unnecessary changes when converting a novel into a Hollywood narrative movie script – One for the money


One thing I really can’t stand is when good books are changed when changed into film scripts. I understand that time is limited when making a movie and really long movie’s do get tiring and boring to watch. But, changing information that never needed to be changed and putting the real stuff in wouldn’t have taken any longer and would have been just as or even more entertaining, that really gets to me.

The “Hollywood narrative” is famous for this. Why, I don’t know. Here is a classic example of this. I am still busy reading “One for the Money” and just from watching the trailer (not the movie, just the trailer), I can already count at least 5 unneeded big changes. That irritates me. For those of you that have also read the book, watch the trailer for unnecessary changes. For those that haven’t read the book, it doesn’t look like a bad movie. I can tell you though that already the book seems better to me.


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