Weekend Fun?


My weekend started off rather well yet busy. I went to dancing and then rushed to take my mom to the doctor. The doctor practiced Iridology on her which is where she takes a photo of your eye and then from that can tell what is wrong with you. It’s really fascinating.

Friday evening an old friend of mine (Lisa), Matt, and I went to a play which was put on by the Tuks Drama department. It was horribly boring and we found ourselves along with 80% of the other guests leaving after the 1st half. I love theatre, but that was just a bit much.

Last night we went to a girl i dance with, Denise’s, 21st. We did an opening dance there, which was great fun. The theme was African Zulu and a wonderful night overall. Matt even langarmed with me. It was the first time he had ever even tried and i have to say he was surprisingly good at it.

Me, Denise, Natasja


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    Garth Collins
    May 20, 2008 at 12:34 am

    The first half of 3 Sisters was incredibly boring however, you and 80% of the rest of the audience missed an absolute treat in the second half – Almost left myself and would have if my fiance had not put her foot down and insisted that it’d be EXTREMELY rude to leave – Thank goodness we didn’t the 2nd half was a scream.

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