Vlog 03 | Goal setting and a little bit about my book

Goal Setting My Book

This is the third episode of my vlog. In this episode, I tell you a little bit more about my goal setting this year. I also give you my elevator pitch for my book. It was taken over a few different days as you’ll clearly see through the outfit changes.

Goal Setting

This year I am setting goals and I’m really taking action to make these goals a reality. I have had a good look back at my progress over January and I discovered a few things I need to be focussing on this month in order to stick to my goals this February. I’d like to share a few tips with you too.

  1. You need to be routing for yourself – after all, you are your biggest fan.
  2. Make comprehensive lists – checking items off of a list is so empowering, and fun too.
  3. Set micro goals within bigger goals
  4. Keep focus – FOCUS, Follow One Course Until Success
  5. Do tasks when you schedule them, don’t put tasks off
  6. Stay aware of your goals – by doing weekly goal reviews

I also need to keep reminding myself of my authentic voice and I need to let that voice shine through. Read about that here.

My Book

My book is about a woman named Scarlett who flees London after her Husband’s murder to the small town of Nottingham Road in South Africa. The journey is one in which we discover a new identity, which Scarlett resonates with. In this story, it becomes apparent that people aren’t always who they say they are. Scarlett discovers that there may be more to her husband’s death than she realised.


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