Great Words… What’s Your Favorite?


Words are a great thing. What would one do without them? Can you imagine not being able to explain how it feels to be in complete euphoria? I think that words are not only good for everyday use but also good to just give us good feelings.

We have all come across e-mail and sms forwards that require you to send back one word to that person describing them. Personally I love those. The best word that someone has used to describe me is EFFERVESCENT, and it’s one that I will never forget (makes me happy every time I think about it).

So here are some of the most beautiful words (in my opinion) that I have come across:

Effervescent (bubbly, enthusiastic, breezy, buoyant, zestful, lively)

Champagne (An effervescent wine)

Chaos (A condition of great disorder)

Ephemeral (short-lived)

Epiphany (A sudden revelation)

Evanescent (vanishing quickly)

Fragile (very delicate)

Fugacioius (Escaping)

Loquacious (Talkative)

Onomatopoeia (The creation of words by imitating sound)

Pastiche (A mixture of artwork from a number of sources)

Rhapsody (A beautiful musical piece)

Ripple (A small, circular wave emerging from a central point)

Serendipity (A fortunate discovery by accident)

Soliloquy (Dramatic speech intended to give the illusion of unspoken reflections)

Whisper (Speaking without the vibration of the vocal folds)

Please add words to this list that you find beautiful (if you have any) by comments.


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