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With New Years well on its way and all our bellies still full from Christmas pudding, I am in need of some fun writing prompts. So I have been searching the ever-so-busy interwebs for fun writing prompts, which in turn prompted me to create some of my own. My story is not really at the right point for these New Years writing prompts, but I will definitely be picking one and writing my drunken New Years story to keep for a later stage.

The best part about this post is that I give you permission to go into don’t-bother-me-i’m-writing mode. So throw yourself into this. No half-arsed attempts. Give it your all.

If you’re not busy working on a book or project at the moment, still do this. It’s so much fun! Writing prompts  are just that ‘prompts’. Don’t stick to them! Go wild! I’m prompting you and if my idea of a New years party prompts you with ideas of little purple dwarfs that dance every time it rains – then so be it! Go write about your annoying little purple dwarfs and why not even draw those dwarfs. Who knows, they might turn into more than annoying little dwarfs that live only in your head.

Prompt #1

Your character hates New Years resolutions. She hates the fact that people get so optimistic about changing themselves. She hates that they get super motivated, for a week and then forget why they started. She hates how happy they are. She rebels against any notion of a New Years resolution. Usually, but this year she has decided to take on a New Years resolution of her own…

Prompt #2

It’s New Years eve. Your character has no plans, except for sitting at home on the couch watching old movies and eating popcorn. Then the doorbell rings and it’s the very awkward and super weird neighbour inviting her to a party. She doesn’t have anything better to do, so decides to join the party. It is only next door, so if it sucks she will be right on her way home.

Prompt #3

Your character has decided – as her New Years resolution – to get organized this year. While she is busy cleaning out the attic she comes across an unmarked box. Inside she finds, a very expensive life insurance policy that her husband has taken out in her name, a burner cell phone, a map of Paris, and  a huge roll (roll, do people really roll money?) of cash.

Prompt #4

Your character is a complete lightweight when it comes to alcohol. It’s only 8 pm on New Years eve and she’s already drunkenly crying in her car about her ex-fiance that left her on Christmas morning.

Remember words are never just words, so create the story you want to tell or even the story you need to tell. Use your words.


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