Writing resolutions? Read this!


Today I have been running around to doctors and shops. Cleaning the house, looking after the kids, and trying to work and write. It’s holiday at the moment, it doesn’t feel like a holiday to me. All time I manage to get anything done is at night, after bedtime. So here I am sitting with a glass of wine in hand thinking about all the other super busy people out there who have made new years resolutions to write every day.

Resolution, shmesolution. More often than not resolutions are like a bunch of helium balloons, beautiful and full of hope but they are too easy to let go of and then they all float away. And we are left to watch all our hopes and dreams float into the clouds.

The problem with the word resolution is that everyone knows most resolutions are broken. So breaking your resolutions isn’t such a big deal, everyone does it. Dreams are also just that – they very seldom amount to anything. So instead of having resolutions, hopes, and dreams this year have goals. Even better, have to-do lists.

Put your big ass dream on your to-do list.  Wow, that’s ballsy, right? Scary, yes! Break your big ass dream (now an item on your to-do list) into nice small bite sizes. Don’t think about the finished picture, think about the next step. And then tick that off, moving on and on completing step by step and slowly your dream will become a bigger possibility.

I know you want to write more. Gosh I want to write more! That’s why I’m writing this post to myself you. So, I you need a plan of action:

Set your goal


Okay, this is where we all say ‘I want to write a book’. Great smartypants, but what book and by when? Be super clear as if you’re teaching a toddler your plan of action. Teach yourself. Stand in front of the mirror and say ‘I want to write a mystery about a girl named Samantha who lives in a trailer. I want it to be 50 000 words long. I will finish my first draft by 30 May 2016.’


Find your way to write

I’m still finding what works best for me. I love to listen to French music while I write and I prefer sitting at my desk, although I often find myself sitting on the couch. Ideally, I would love to light some candles, dim the lights and get into my zone but who can find the time? This year I will, this year I will write by candle light with a glass of wine and a cup of tea.


Find routine

I try to write during the day. I suck at it. I find inspiration at night (possibly because it’s cooler and the house is slightly less chaotic). You need to find what works for you. I am trying a few new things this year to try change my routine slightly.


Read and then write

Reading is the best way to find inspiration to write. It’s the best way to learn to write. Read as much as possible and learn from reading.

I got some amazing advice this year that I want to share and that’s; treat your writing like you would a business and not just any business, a multi-million dollar corporation. Do you think the guys at Google would say ‘ah, I’m not going to fix that code today. I’ll do it tomorrow’. Urm, no! Get off your lazy arse and just do it! Just do it now!


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