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meggs online book club
No more wishing that you had the time to join a book club ?
#MeggsBookClub is an interactive, collaborative (and FREE) online fiction book club for women FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD! (so cool!) These truly are my FAVE peeps in the whole internet… they’re just so smart, creative, and these are some of the funnest & kindest people I know!

So, you love to read? So do I! Then why not join my book club?

I started the book club in 2017 as a place where we can read, share, and meet new people. It’s all online, and it’s completely FREE.

Every month there will be a new book, I’ll send you a printable, and we’ll have an online meetup on Facebook to discuss the book.

Like the sound of that? Then Click here to sign up. Oh, May is our 1-year anniversary, so it’s a great time to join because we will be having a physical meet-up (Cape Town), many giveaways, prizes, author lives, and online events.

Want to know more? Read this post about the book club where I answer some more FAQ’s.

Once you sign up to Megg’s Book Club you will receive:

  1. A Welcome e-mail
  2. Book of the month e-mail (with all the details of the current book we are reading, as well as the book party dates).

Sign up here