Book Reviews: My Policy

I’m over the moon that you want me to review your book on my blog and/or YouTube Channel! In fact, I’m so happy that I’m about to pop open a bottle of bubbly. I just love to read and I’d love to read your book while drinking said bubbly. Thus, I am currently open to doing book reviews and I’m accepting book review requests from publishers, authors, and literary agents in a wide variety of fiction genres.

I love to read (a lot), and these are the genres I love to read most (in no particular order):

  • Historical fiction
  • Psychological thrillers
  • Women’s fiction
  • Women’s mystery fiction
  • Young-adult fiction

I particularly enjoy reading books that deal with the topic of crazy families, one-in-a-million friendships, sociopaths, psychopaths, any other mental illnesses, and character-driven novels.

I do not review:

  • Poetry
  • Textbooks or course material

I sometimes do book reviews for:

  • Self-published novels
My favourite thing to do is to read a book in a bubble bath and for this reason, I only accept physical copies of books or audiobooks. I also only accept books for review that I believe I would enjoy. I don’t enjoy talking badly about books and I don’t enjoy reading books that I don’t enjoy (duh!). It’s imperative to me that all of my reviews reflect my love for reading and my completely honest opinion.
You can send your request to I do not promise to respond immediately because, much like you, my inbox gets filled with many requests, but I do my best to respond to all review requests in due time.
Please know that I greatly appreciate your e-mail (even the ones where people simply email me to say hi especially the ones where people simply email me to say hi because who even does that anymore? Emails written just to say hi are a dying art form much like snail mail). I will be in touch if I’m interested in reviewing your book.

Book Review Disclaimer:

I will only post a giveaway of a book I have read or am planning to read. I only review books that have been purchased by me (duh!), borrowed from the library (very seldom because my TBR pile is just way too long already), or sent to me by the author (most likely), publisher, or literary agent. All of the opinions in this blog are my own. I am not paid to write reviews. I reflect my honest bookish thoughts on all of my social media channels, much as in real life.