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Well, Hello there! Wondering where to start? Start here… read, get to know a little more about me, and then feel free to still ask questions.

I’m going to jump to conclusions and assume you’re here for one of these many reasons;

  • You like wine ~ go pour yourself a glass and then carry on reading.
  • You like drinking tea while you’re also drinking wine. Put the kettle on!
  • You love to read
    {in the bath, on the couch, in bed, outside, while cooking, while driving, all the time}
  • You want to write your own book, but you don’t know how or where to start.
    ~ Well, in that case, well done for wanting to get stuck into your own novel! You deserve a glass wine.
  • You want to follow my writing journey ~  so grab a cup of tea and learn with me.
  • You want to learn how to be creative, follow your dreams and your passion by being the best darn #girlboss there is. Then keep reading.
  • You really like the pretty illustrations ~ that’s me too.
  • You like me! You probably know by now if you do or don’t, even though you may not know me.

Anyway, WELCOME!

What is this place all about?

I write a weekly column, over here!
I have started a super awesome online book club that anyone can join, for free, over here.
Read a little more about my writing and novels over here.
I love reading and also doing book reviews.
Check out my writing tips and free courses.

I also have a Patreon page.

View the amazingly special people who are Patrons of my page over here.

Or maybe you’re interested in;

book bonuses
Editing services or book coaching. Did you know I run an Editing boutique?

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Here are some useful resources that I use every day

Here are some useful resources that I use and have found on my writing journey. I will add to the list as I go along.

Scrivener is the best writing software I could find and I searched long and hard. It’s perfect for writing anything from a novel to a screenplay. Scrivener helps you keep everything organised and in one place and then allows you to export your work into various different formats.

Want to write a book in a month? Check out NaNoWriMo and then give it a go next year. I suggest reading this post about what I learnt this year through trying to do NaNoWriMo without planning. Learn through my mistakes.

This is a super cool app that corrects your grammar. It’s like spell checker on steroids. I just love this one.

Evernote is my everything. I use this app every single day, for everything. I use it as a storage system for recipes, important files, photographs, and even kids drawings. I also use it as a notebook. The best part is it’s on all of my devices, so it’s always with me.