10 Things I’ve learned to help me become super productive

  We are all guilty of procrastination. We are all guilty of getting lost in our days and before we know it another week has passed and your to-do list still looks the same.

Here are 10 Habits to adopt to help you become super productive every day!

  1. Set aside planning time every day

    5-10 minutes is all you need to sit down and plan out your day. If you know what you need to get done, doing so will be so much easier.

  2. Complete quick tasks straight away

    If a task needs less than 5 minutes to complete, do it straight away. This way you don’t have to remember to do it later.

  3. Get your priorities straight

    If your to-do list is too long to complete in one day, which many of ours are, try to complete the most relevant items first.

  4. Know when to multitask, how to multitask, and when not to multitask.

    Listening to a podcast while cleaning your kitchen, or brainstorming while taking a walk are great ways to multitask. Checking social media constantly while trying to work can be very distracting and it stops the flow of your work.

  5. Use planning tools to suit your lifestyle

    Whether you like to use an ‘old school’ planner or google cal, find what works for you. Sometimes it’s a combination of both. I know I use both as one never seems to be enough.

  6. Delegate

    Get people to help you complete your tasks. Use people to help you, but don’t overuse people either.

  7. Appreciate what you have done

    At the end of the day reflect on the tasks that have been completed and give yourself a pat on the back.

  8. Be a perfectionist

    Try to do complete every single item on your to do list to your best ability. In doing this you will stand out to others and you will be able to have pride in your work.

  9. Hold yourself accountable or get an accountability partner

    Set deadlines and hold yourself accountable or find someone else that can hold you accountable for the work that has to be done. Team meetings are a good way to hold each other accountable.

  10. Take breaks

    Give yourself rest time. You don’t want to burn out either



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