What my job has taught me 

Some people just hate their jobs. I feel I am one of the very few people that can say that I love my job. Well most of the time anyway. Just like any career my work is sometimes just that, work. But more often than not it’s a pleasure.

Making a difference in people’s lives and making them happy is an amazing feeling. And seeing people grow up in front of you, develop into such amazing people and perfect skills that sometimes even surprise them. My job can be so rewarding.

My job also allows me to be rather flexible at times and I can mostly work my work around my family and schedule my classes to a certain extent. And most of the time, if the school happens to phone me to fetch one of the kids I’m able to leave or have someone fill in for me so that I can.

Being a dance teacher has taught me how to build people up, Constantly. How to motivate them. How to break down and then build up. How to build confidence and how to make happy.

It has also taught me how to accept things I cannot change. To realize that some things can be changed and that I shouldn’t accept them as is. How to have patience and understanding. How to love complete strangers. To see beauty in every movement, even in imperfection.

Being a Pilates instructor has taught me to read body language. How to see every mistake and muscle imbalance. Its taught me how to help people and how many people need help. It’s helped me to help others.

It’s taught me how to listen. How to listen to other people’s problems and issues all day and how to give advice. How not to judge and to just be there. I feel like a counsellor or physiologist sometimes. And I love that people feel comfortable enough to open up to me.


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