Calm down hearts

A little while ago I read about a woman (I can’t remember where though) who wanted to stop yelling at her kids.  She read about a technique and decided to give it a try. She cut out little hearts and pasted them all around her life, and at any point when she felt she was going to start yelling she would see a heart and this would remind her to stop for a second and take a breathe. I think everyone has difficulty keeping emotions in tact sometimes. We are only human. But I think keeping emotions under control can be especially tricky when one is pregnant as well as running a household and a business too.

So, I have decided I want to try out these calm down hearts too, with a little twist. My hearts are not only there to remind me to keep my cool but also to remind me to stop and enjoy what’s going on around me. To stop and watch Lilah play, and join in the fun. To stop and give my loved ones a hug and kiss. To stop and breath, as I think many of us lived rushed and busy lives and sometimes we just need a second to gather ourselves and our thoughts.

While digging through my paper stash at home, I had to decide what colour hearts I want. Red (my favourite colour), pink (a girly colour, which my daughter and I love), purple, blue, green, or yellow. I decided to go with yellow because it’s happy and cheerful and how can one feel anything but joy when looking at a pretty yellow heart.

I have now stuck them allover the place. In the kitchen, so that while I cook (which is often something done in a rush after work) I remember to take the time and give Lilah and Matt some hugs. In the scullery, where Lilah is always trying to unpack the cupboards. On my laptop, where I am always working (to remind me to take a break and appreciate my family). At the garage door, as mostly when i’m on my way out of the house i’m in a rush. And pretty much anywhere in the house or around me where I feel that I don’t stop to enjoy life and my family.

I think that this technique will help me in my business too. Sometimes when i’m giving class you focus so much on deadlines and the work that has to be done during that lesson that I forget to stop, laugh and have some fun with the kids. And after all that is why most of the kids dance. Because they love it! So sticking the hearts on my computer, phone, iPad and around the studio will hopefully also remind me during those times to stop and enjoy the kiddies.

To me this idea of calm down hearts is a fantastic idea. I think we are all too rushed and a small reminder like this can make the world of difference in our lives.







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