How much are you worth?

how much are you worth?

We all undervalue ourselves. Why? Is this because we are too scared to come across as know it alls or big headed? Hells yes! Is this because often what we’re trying to sell to people is second nature to us and something we are used to doing? Yes! Is this because we can’t justify charging people a premium fee for our services because we don’t think they are worth it? Yes!

STOP! Stop right now!

Most of us want to stay humble and not conceited and for some reason we think that putting ourselves down and not valuing our talents will help us stay humble. It won’t. All that this will ensure is that you will never truly be valued for what you’re worth.

How much time have you invested?

How much time have you invested in learning your skill? How much money have you spent to learn your skill? How long have you been learning, practicing, perfecting your skills? Chances are it’s taken quite a few years of your life? Am I wrong? NO!

You weren’t born with your particular ability. You acquired it. You may be naturally talented but talent only takes one so far. No one is born with the ability to sing, dance, write, act, or teach. These things have to be taught over time whether through formal training or in many cases through self teaching.

These things are important to keep in mind because remember, the person who will be paying you hasn’t necessarily invested any time or money into your particular skill set, that’s why they need you!

You won’t pay for your skill, but others would.

You don’t see the value in your skill because it comes naturally but it doesn’t to others. There are so many people who can’t express themselves through writing, and dancing. So many people who can’t sing, or act. So many people who can’t do accounting. Someone has to do it and that’s why your skill is valuable. It’s nothing new or special to you because you can do it, but to someone who can’t do it your skill becomes very valuable.

Don’t be too hard on yourself!

Most people can’t see all your flaws. We are way too hard on ourselves and often break ourselves down by being too critical on our work. Don’t get me wrong, being critical is not a bad thing, but sometimes we go too far, to the point where we would rather not sell what we’re doing because we don’t think it’s perfect.

You see the flaws in your work because you are highly skilled. Trust the opinion of the people who hire you! They see your value and your worth. Accept their praise graciously.

Your work is worth being paid for! You do what you do because you’re good at it and people will pay you to do it because they can’t do it.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re a writer, graphic designer, choreographer, or teacher people will pay you for your skill because they don’t possess the same set of skills. And this is what makes the human race so fantastic. We are all different and we can all help each other. We can all learn from each other. And, we all need one another.

So think about these three questions and reevaluate what you’re worth.

  1. How much time have you spent learning and perfecting your skill?
  2. Why do you feel uncomfortable charging for something that others can’t do and you can do?
  3. Who would pay for you to use your skill and do work for them?

Now, answer this question for yourself: Are you worth more than what you’re charging? Your answer is most probably yes. If it’s not – good for you! If it is yes, then go think long and hard about what you are worth and start charging that because people will not value you unless you start to value yourself.


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