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Creating a curriculum to live by

I started reading this book yesterday and it’s phenomenal. It’s taken some time for the author to get into the actual techniques, however the reason for this is so that the reader really grasps the concepts. He uses amazing examples of real people and I find myself associating with the examples on so many levels.


What I read today that really stood out to me was that you need to create yourself a curriculum to live by. All successful people do.

What does creating a curriculum for yourself even mean?

Well, it’s simple (not really). You need to schedule in time and tasks that will constantly have you growing in your chosen field as well as in your life, and as a human being. You need to be doing things that matter, enrolling into courses, learning new mastery skills.

Learning mastery skills stands out to me

The reason why learning mastery skills over normal skills is so important is because they will actually further your brain development too. So what is a mastery skill? A mastery skill is a skill that requires time and practice in order for you to master it. These are things like cooking classes, ballet classes, piano lessons, and guitar lessons. You see, each one of these activities require a knowledgeable teacher to teach you as well as practice, from your side to perfect your techniques. All of this, creating new neurological brain paths. And this equates to growth. Get it?

Back to creating a curriculum to live by

Brendon talks about putting aside an hour to do specific tasks, scheduling the time for yourself. He hasn’t gone into the discipline behind this yet, and may not. I am still busy reading. But in my mind this means actually scheduling your time to learn, time to hone in your craft, time do do your work, and time for everything else into a calendar. This is not a new concept to me at all, in fact I talk about this in my book. But, I do know that I get comfortable and I start to ignore the little reminder alarms as well as the actual time slots to complete tasks in.

My calendar slots

I have created general slots on my calendar for content creation, admin, family time, my book, etc but now I’m starting to feel that these slots may be too general for me. They might very well work for other people though. For the next week I’m going to try to be extremely specific about what I’m doing and the time I allocate towards this and I’m going to try my best to stick to the slots I allocate them too.

I’m going to focus on creating my curriculum

I’m going to create a curriculum for myself that will help me do everything I want to do, learn new mastery skills, as well as grow in my business and writing career. I’m going to try this for at least a week and then I’ll see how I feel afterward. I’ll see if this approach makes any difference to my life.

Woah, this is too rigid

I know that all of this sounds rigid. It is. It’s super strict. But, no one amazing and super successful got to the places they are without being rigid and without taking complete control of their lives. So by all means, don’t do this. See how that works for you. We can compare in a week how much we have learnt, grown, or whatever. But, I do believe that to see massive growth, i’ll have to take massive action. So here I go.


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  1. I love the idea of creating a curriculum, I think this will help with my mindset. I love your website by the way, lovely to look at. Jennifer

    1. Thanks Jennifer! Let me know how it goes…

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