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Journaling therapy, it’s the real deal.


I spoke about Journaling therapy during my #30DaysOfFacebookLive challenge over here and I gave a few journaling prompts to do too as a form of building yourself up. A little secret though, I never did the prompts because at the time I was so caught up in the 30 days of Facebook live videos that I was struggling to find the time of focus to actually do the prompts myself.
Today, after some morning reading about trusting yourself, the best business policy of allpublishing, and the struggling artist, I got thinking about my own journey over the past few months. My journey through doing Facebook live videos was fantastic and I learnt so much about myself, but I feel as if I need to revisit what I discussed over the 30 day period because there is more to what I discussed than the quick 5 minute chats I had with you all.

Journaling therapy immediately stood out

I started, properly, journaling this year for the first time in my life. I have always tried keeping a journal but I have never been successful as I never knew what to write. This year though, I started a business journal and that in itself keeps me busy with journaling ideas every single day.

What’s the difference between journaling and journaling therapy though?

Journaling is writing down thoughts, ideas, and simply whatever comes to mind. Where as journaling therapy is prompted. You get given or even simply choose topics/prompts to write about and from there you write in your journal. It’s a less free and more structured form of journaling but it’s also amazing because it really gets you to focus down on one idea at a time.
A lot of how I started journaling now, was prompted. The first few days of journaling were actually filled with business journaling tasks and that’s what got the ball rolling and got me journaling most days now.

Why pick journaling therapy?

Journaling therapy is mostly used to treat issues such as depressions, PTSD, substance abuse, and low self esteem. I don’t use it in this way or for any of these reasons at all though.
I use journaling therapy (or what journaling therapy is to me, in my mind) to combat what I call brain freeze (writers block, lack of ideas), brainstorming, and staying in touch with who I am, who I want to be, and what I want to be.

Journaling therapy prompts to keep around for when the going gets tough.

Self-doubt is a nasty little habit that we all seem to have. It’s the voice inside your head, that inner critic telling you you’re not enough, or your work isn’t good enough, or [fill in the blank with whatever your mind tells you].
Well, I posted these 5 journaling prompts during my Facebook live challenge as something for everyone watching to do. I never did them. But I am going to do them now.
The idea with these prompts was to keep them somewhere close for days that your inner critic seems to be getting the best of you. So, here they are again;
  1. I forgive myself for?
  2. The best compliment I have ever received is…
  3. The things in my life I would like to say NO to are…
  4. What would you say to people (if you were your best friend) to brag about yourself? Start with “She is the most amazing … “
  5. Write out your own little pep talk. Record it. And, listen to it whenever you’re feeling less than worthy, sad, upset, doubtful, or simply not yourself.

The most important thing with all of these journaling therapy prompts is to not hold back. Don’t be shy. This is where you get to ‘toot your own horn’. Nobody other than you will see the answers to these prompts.

Now, tell me something…

Are you going to give this a try? I’d love to hear from you if you have done these prompts. Let me know how you feel about the process.


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